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I adore the realm of aromatic fougeres and classic scents from the 70's 80's - and this is a great, timeless scent. If I didn't know Vintage, I would give Current formulation a higher rating, which I feel is of importance to state. Azzaro Pour Homme today has been left with less strength and longevity (and little oakmoss due to regulations) - as all new reformulations have. it is now Treemoss that is more forward (as listed on the bottle itself as an ingredient) due to current regulation. Azzaro Pour Homme has decent projection and good longevity.

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from other people's posts and I was disappointed like many people. But, it still is a great classic scent - spend the money and look for Vintage if you really appreciate classics know it from before (or want to know just how Azzaro Pour Homme smelled for over 2 decades before ifra regulation). I even wear Dior Homme on daytime because it has a little citrus on the background of the cocoa which is fine for daytime. This has definitely changed, and not for the better, but revising my review (to a degree this is still very good.

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Mesmerizing, aromatic fougere with a barbershop vibe that says, 'masculinity'. Intense is great parfum and I really love the more intense drydown of dry cocoa and little vanilla and it's great during nightime. Learn from my mistake guys, because the first thing I did was to look for the negative/lipstick (which is not at all) from other people's comments I have read. After almost 1 month since my second try, I did my third try today and I was ready to give up and not bother anymore, BUT this time I didn't focused solely on the lipstick complaints, but instead I looked for the other scents like. In every sense of what a masculine scent can be - confident, alluring, strong and virile. Updated* - Current Formulation Azzaro Pour Homme -.5/10, still rather good. This is a classic, undeniably. If you still didn't like try it again for the third and last time and if you still don't like it, it's definitely not for you and you can start saying "Not worth buying." or "This cologne is garbage!". So when I bought (blind buy) this cologne and tried it for the first time, I was not impressed. The top and heart notes also stay longer. The longevity of Intense is ridiculously long. There is a comparative issue here - I have Vintage and know how this used to smell with the deep oakmoss, richer depth and better longevity (as well as having a slightly dry/tanned leather note). Intense is much harder to wear during daytime, because the transfromation from iris to dry powdery cocoa just takes less than 10 minutes on me and vanilla sweet dry cocoa cloys me on daytime. While, in a way, this is a comparative review of is key to note that both formulations of this classic scent are both worthy. So, I took it from my wife's drawer and I gave it a second try but still the same lipstick scent. Apply a nice application of Vintage juice, elsewhere (a blended wearing). I said to myself that there is something that I don't smell from this cologne that other people loves and honestly speaking, I was bothered. There is a great leather note in here as well. All I could smell was the lipstick scent. Always a pleasure to wear. My wife loves DH over DHI and she's the real reason why I always wear colognes. Remember: If you didn't like at first, try it again for the second time and then one last time. Often referred to as, "the Azzaro-vibe".it is very sensual and nice for intimacy. I find a light woody vetiver and nice patchouli note in current formulation, but only a touch of leather. It got to the point photo homme sex where I thought about layering it with Rochas Man to cover the iris/lipstick scent. I find this gives the best possible wear of the scent. What started from dislike, to like and now love. The warm anise note in vintage that is smoothed over by lavender and elegant leather (even on the top) is now louder, sharper and brighter in current formulation.

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Update: I ventured forth and bought (mostly out of sheer curiosity) the new bottle of Azzaro Pour Homme. Truly, one of the great scents created for men! I was still reading comments here on Fragrantica about Dior Homme and I always see the high love votes. The fragrance is very warming and evokes a sense of class. Now about Dior Homme 2011, alot of people was complaining on their reviews about the lipstick scent and those comments got stuck in my head. If she loves a certain cologne from my collection, I tend to wear it more often. So, I gave it to my wife and it was already on her side of the collection. Aromatic, radiant, classic with an awesome, warm vibe.

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I even asked my wife if she wanted it and after trying it for herself, she said yes. The citrus has also been turned up some - which, blended with the bolder anise, makes this a little more pungent and slightly bitter at t it does warm up well. I prefer it on my skin, but a few shots to my shirt increases the duration and silage. A must for any man who is into fragrance. If you tried a cologne and didn't like it, try it again for the second time. There is no replacing. The middle is more hollow compared to vintage, too (I do get some light sandalwood, amber, wood and green herbal notes - which is what keeps this reformulation solid) and while oakmoss may still be a mentioned note still (.1 of the composition max. I was surprised to discover that Dior Homme is a great and complex scent and I was really enjoying the transformation on my skin and I was missing the other notes from my previous try's. Updated Score: Vintage Azzaro Pour Homme - 9/10 and truly wonderful.

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Les ulis adultes site de rencontres en ligne pour célibataires hommes âgés de 50 It wears as an "aura-scent so once the top notes warm to your skin, it radiates about a foot or so around you (a bit louder on fabric) and is very responsive to body heat. I just got the intense version and I have been comparing them both on which one is better for 3 days now. I love anise - that first has to be said. Truly full, rich and very aromatic.
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